Grin 'n' Wear It Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio
Based in Lakenheath, Brandon near Mildenhall
in Suffolk on the border of Norfolk, East Anglia.

The Internationally Respected Tattoo and Body Piercing Team


If you have never visited Grin ‘n’ Wear It’z ‘Tattoo Station’, this page should give you all the information you'll ever need regarding what you can expect when visiting us, from entering the shop to leaving with your new tattoo. However, do not let this deter you from popping-in and having a look around, we always welcome visitors who wish to browse, ask questions or simply ‘check us out’.

Consultation and Design
Regarding the design, we are more than happy for you to bring in inspirational material... from the internet or wherever, additionally we do have material to browse digitally and via hard copies. However, our tattoos are unique, and with most internet searches for tattoos and book designs duplicated on people’s skin all across the globe, we tend to use them only for inspiration, unless insisted upon. Either way... both you and Rabbit will know what the basis of the final tattoo will look like, before any ink hits your skin

Grin n Wear It Tattoo and Piercing Studio Suffolk Lakenheath - Back Piece

There are other aspects that should be mentioned here, if you have any blemishes, scars or other bodily marks in the region of the planned tattoo, the consultation process would be the ideal time to mention them. If Rabbit is made aware of these at this stage, they can be either worked around, covered or actually incorporated into the design itself.

Tattooing for well over twenty years, Rabbit has always been frustrated with what he calls the effects of ‘Cattle Market Pricing’. Although not completely bad, and works well for many, GNWI has decided to break free from this.

With masses of experience behind him and his skill internationally recognised, Rabbit is intent on focussing on one-off, premium, unique tattooing... and this just doesn’t sit well with hourly rate pricing systems, for the following reasons...

A scenario that often crops-up is that having for over 50 minutes, working on say... a sleeve, Rabbit totally immersed in the design and flow of the tattoo... his artistic and creative talents overflowing, suddenly he is forced to stop as the hour is up and another booking awaits in the hall, ready and eager for his two black stars to be inked to his wrist.
Although Rabbit would have little difficulty picking-up where he left-off at the next session, those creative ideas, thoughts and finishing touches that were foremost in his mind during the last session, are now completely lost, right when it really mattered. This makes all the difference between a great GNWI tattoo... and something really special.
Tattooists bound to an hourly rate can often find that having laid the foundation for a briliant tattoo, that they’re suddenly forced to change pace... and rush the last, and most important ten minutes... all because the time allocated for that tattoo is up!
Additionally, stopping a multi-session tattoo, at a logical and convenient stage can be extremely beneficial regarding the following session.

As a client, you really need to decide if you want a good tattoo, or a unique, one-off premium tattoo for life... with either your artist free to focus on your inking your skin, or with him have with one eye continuously on the clock. Experience has taught us that hourly rates, ‘tend’ to focus the mind on money... but ‘session rates’ on the quality of the tattoo.

During the consultation, Rabbit will suggest which and how many sessions are required, thus giving the client a budget for the work. On much larger detailed tattoos, such as highly detailed back-pieces... a final price can not always be determined, this is not unique to ‘session rates’ but common amongst hourly rates too.

Session Prices

  • 1 Hour £90
  • 2 Hours £170
  • 3 Hours - £250
  • 4 Hours £310
  • 5 Hours £400
  • Whole Day £480


  • Single Session - 100% Deposit
  • First Session of a multi-session tattoo - 100% Deposit
  • Following Sessions of a multi-session tattoo - 50% Deposit

The Commitment Stage and payment terms
Naturally this is the final stage before receiving the tattoo. We make every effort to ensure that the customer is fully aware of what they are about to commit to, not only regarding the tattoo itself but also with regards to aftercare. Once we are fully confident that the whole process has been fully understood by you the client, you will be asked to sign a ‘release form’. This simple form merely requests that the customer reads and signs a statement affirming they are at least of 18 years of age... and in a good state of health.

By this stage both the shop and the client should have:
  • A design agreed
  • A Session deposit paid
  • An estimate of the cost
  • A knowledge of aftercare
  • An arranged booking confirmed

Grin n Wear It Tattoo and Piercing Studio Suffolk Lakenheath - Tattoo Cover-up

Cover-ups and Re-workings
A common request at GNWI are cover-ups and re-workings. That a customer has contacted us regarding such an issue only goes to highlight the fact that they have been troubled by a tattoo to the point of taking action, we therefore make every effort to be sensitive to their situation and will work that much harder to bring about a satisfactory outcome. Rabbit has extensive experience with cover-ups and re-workings and will advise and offer various solutions.

Here we can only advise, the responsibility falls upon the client to implement. Bad aftercare can not only effect, prolong and hamper the healing process but also the final quality of the tattoo itself. Please remember, a tattoo is an open wound until it is completely healed (approximately 7-14 days) and therefore must be treated as such. Below are the general steps to be taken regarding aftercare.

    Aftercare Summary

  1. Remove sterile dressing after 3-4 hours.
  2. First Wash: Lightly wash the tattoo with warm soapy water and gently pat dry with clean dry towel.
  3. All following washes while scabbed: Lightly wash tattoo with soapy water once a day, pat dry, do not soak.
  4. After 1-2 days a light scab will appear do not pick or remove; it is protecting the wound from infection.
  5. After 5-7 days the scab will begin to peel and itch, moisturizer may bring some relief; do not pick.
  6. After 10-14 days your tattoo should be mostly healed, expect some dryness for a further two weeks.
  7. Keep the tattoo out of the sun for a further three months or apply UV 100% sun block, this will prevent colour fade
  8. Keep the tattoo clean and dry throughout the healing process.

Hygiene is, and has always been prioritized as second-to-none at Grin ‘n’ Wear It Tattoo and Body Piercing Studios. The procedures we have in place are over and above that which is required of any tattoo and piercing studio. We use the ‘Vacuum Autoclave Sterilization Unit’ to sterilize all of our equipment, this device is used in hospitals and dentistry throughout the World in the sterilization of surgical instruments. We have a secure dedicated room set-a-side for all of our sterilization processes and ‘Good Hygiene Practice’ in place which is always foremost in our minds as we carry out our work.

All needles are batched numbered and arrive in separate sterilized packs. All single inks pots and sundries come in ‘once use applications’ and are discarded after each and every session. Before any client enters a studio it is first cleaned and all surfaces disinfected. All new needles, inks and sundries are set-out and any equipment unpacked from their individual Autoclave Sterilization vacuum packs. A new set of latex or latex free gloves are brought in for each and every session, if you have an allergy towards latex please advise us and the appropriate gloves will be used. This process is carried-out for every session regardless of the size and complexity of the tattoo.

Opening Hours
Wednesday to Saturday (11am - Doors shut at 6pm)

Not too far from Newmarket, Cambridge, Feltwell and Bury St Edmunds. We have had the pleasure of tattooing and piercing the American service men and women of RAF Lakenheath, Feltwell and Mildenhall for the past seventeen years. We are close to the Norfolk Suffolk border. GNWI.CO.UK